Devoted to Oblivion

The Void Base Near Hawk Alley

Kalannar began his rise to power in the city of Tumunzan. The human Waltom lead him around the city, explaining all the different parts and where the enslaved races were kept. After the guided tour of the city, he lead Kalannar to the entrance to the Oblivion headquarters.

“Do you understand everything I’ve told you?” Waltom asked.

Of course Kalannar understood. He insulted Waltom.

“Excuse me for thinking you’re stupid. No one else needs a guided tour of the city.” He rolled his eyes and walked inside.

Kalannar followed. As he stepped inside, he saw a magic circle on the floor. He and Waltom stepped on and after three seconds, a bright white flash of light came from the circle and they were suddenly standing in a different room. Waltom explained that he was taking Kalannar to see Akmenos, who would be giving him his first assignment.

Kalannar stepped through the double doors down the hall. As he walked into the next room, the ceiling opened up higher than what seemed possible. Sitting in front of a fireplace and behind a gold-colored desk, Akmenos waited. He stood up to greet the new recruit of Oblivion. His horns, light red skin, and black, unblinking eyes gave away his race as a Tiefling. When he stood up, the flick of a tail only confirmed it.

He shook Kalannar’s hand and immediately gave him his first assignment. As a test of the recruit’s abilities, he sends Kalannar and Waltom to destroy a Void base near Hawk Alley. He sends them on their way as soon as he explains this.

Walking toward their destination, Waltom explains that the base should be mostly cleared out at this time. Since they have to bring the base down, he opens up his bag and shows Kalannar the contents.

“Exploding potions.” he says. “We plant these in certain parts of the hideout. They’re very sensitive. If we set one off, they all explode. This hideout won’t exist for very long.”

They stopped and Waltom pointed down an alley. Kalannar examined the alley and noticed that there was a slight indent in the brick wall on the left side. He moved up to it and placed his hands on it. It felt just like a brick wall, but he could see there was an obvious indent. Waltom slipped in front of him and placed both hands on the wall at chest height and pushed. The wall slid silently inward.

They stepped through the new opening and through another door. As they did this, the heads of two elves snapped in their direction. One immediately reached for her bow, the other only waited and watched. The two dogs that were with them waited for the order to attack.

Waltom and Kalannar started the attack. Kalannar hid himself with a cloud of darkness and backed away to take aim with his bow. He hit the elf scout square in the shoulder and disoriented both him and the two dogs on either side of him. The dogs and scout both moved forward into the cloud. One dog attacked Waltom but his armor stopped the dogs teeth from sinking in. Kalannar took out one of the dogs with an arrow and then tried to throw an enchanted spear at the scout. He just missed, and a fiery spear found its way outside of the cloud to land harmlessly on the floor. The scout got a lucky hit, dealing a serious blow to Waltom by swinging both swords. Kalannar fired at the second attack dog and brought him down as Waltom healed himself and got back in the fight against the scout. The other elf archer alternated between firing at Waltom and Kalannar, but she was a poor shot. With another swing of his battleaxe, Waltom took down the scout and he and Kalannar moved in to deal with the archer. Waltom finally got close, but the archer climbed one of the large shelves and fired from the top. Waltom wasn’t having that; he brought down the shelf and soon sliced through the body of the fallen elf, ending the fight.

The two healed up and headed into the next room. A large pillar stood near a corner of the room going from the floor to the ceiling, obviously keeping the base standing. Waltom set an exploding potion near the column and explained that they should take out the rest of the Void members inside the base so none of them can interfere with the plan. After that, they began to clear out the rest of the base.



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