Devoted to Oblivion

Regate Part 1

After forcibly recruiting a changeling and a dragonborn to his team, Kalannar set off for the town of Regate. The group stepped out of the boss’s office and used the magic circle inside Oblvion HQ to go to the ground floor. As they stepped off the circle, the changeling asked, “If we’re traveling together, shouldn’t we know each other’s names?” Kalannar asked for their names but didn’t give his own. “I’m Ruz. This is Balasar.” the changeling answered.

Taking a few more steps, Balasar suddenly asked, “We need supplies.”

Kalannar was a bit surprised. “Why?”

“Your boss took most of our stuff and we need better armor anyway. But we don’t have any money.” Kalannar was very hesitant. “Come on. If we’re supposed to lead you to Regate and keep you alive, we can’t do it if we’re not properly equipped!” Kalannar quietly agreed and gave Balasar 15 gold pieces. Balasar left to gather supplies and came back shortly with slightly upgraded armor for him and Ruz. The party then left for Regate.

It’s not far, just a few hours away. Kalannar moved at a quick pace but Ruz and Balasar had no problems keeping up.
“Have you ever been outside your city?” Ruz asked the drow as they walked through the woods.
“Why are you talking to him?” Balasar asked angrily.
“I can’t stand silence! I want to at least know something about this guy!” The dragonborn snorted and moved ahead. Ruz turned back to Kalannar. “So?”

Kalannar replied that he had.

Tumunzan is a rarity. There are so few big cities like that. Regate is so different. It’s a lot smaller.” He looked ahead and pointed. “You can see it from here, kind of. Through the trees.” Kalannar could see the walls of the city past the trees. It was too far away to make much of anything out, but he could see that it was very small, nothing like the city he had just left.

As the party moved past the tree line into the sunlight, Kalannar heard a yell. Looking for the source of the sound, he spotted a githzerai fighting off a few kenku.
“Enya!” his allies shouted in unison.
“We have to help!” Ruz begged Kalannar.

Kalannar decided to help the githzerai. Balasar, having already moved ahead of Ruz and Kalannar, was already close to her. Enya, the githzerai in the field, immediately let loose with a lance of faith directed at one of the Kenku Ruffians. It was perfectly aimed, piercing the heart of the avian creature and bringing it down. The Warrior, seeing one of his own beaten, hurled a dagger at the one responsible, hitting Enya just below the shoulder. Kalannar, knowing all about the Ruffians, unleashed a Storm of Spirit Shards on the remaining kenku. As his one arrow split apart into several, one of the Ruffians was taken out. The last ruffian managed to dodge the shards and the warrior dodged most. He took a hit from one of the shards but stood strong on his feet. Balasar moved forward as Enya swung her mace at the last ruffian, landing a solid blow in its chest and dropping it instantly. The kenku warrior moved forward and stabbed Enya for once again killing one of its own. Enya retaliated with another swing of her mace, just barely smacking the warrior in the arm. The warrior took another stab, but dropped the knife before he could even swing. Kalannar fired an arrow at the warrior, who ducked under it as Balasar took advantage of the distraction to slash the creature with his longsword. Enya took a few steps back and sent another lance of faith flying toward the warrior. The warrior, overwhelmed by the party, loses his grip on another dagger, dropping it harmlessly nearby. Ruz finally catches up and slices the kenku with his sword. Balasar then swings his own and kills the last kenku.

The woman approached the group. “Thank you for your aid.” she said, out of breath.
“Who are you anyway?" Kalannar thought a moment and gave a fake name, Kelnozz. “I see…” she said. “Well, if you are friends with these two, I trust you. Come. I will lead you the rest of the way.” Enya begins to walk toward Regate with you and the others close behind. It’s only a few miles from this point.

After finally reaching Regate, Enya pointed out the few small shops – a bakery, item shop, small blacksmith, and a few other small buildings made up the area. She told Kalannar that there was little more than this. Regate was a simple place with simple needs. Occasionally, a traveling merchant set up shop in the square. There was one there, leaving later in the day.

As soon as Enya finished speaking, she blindfolded Kalannar. “I don’t know you, so I can’t completely trust you. I don’t want you to know where we’re going just yet.” She tied the blindfold around his eyes and then grabbed his arm, leading him away. Kalannar couldn’t get a good look before he was blinded and couldn’t tell where he was being led. He heard a door open, indicating they had entered a building. Walking a bit further, he was warned that he would need to climb down a ladder. He stumbled a bit but was able to catch himself before he fell.

Enya removed the blindfold and took a few steps away. Kalannar was in a large room with a large table in the center surrounded by several chairs. He felt the presence of magic from one of the corners of the room but couldn’t determine the source. There were four other people in the room, counting Enya but not counting Ruz and Balasar. A mage stood in the back corner, one halfling stood behind Enya, and another halfling stood on the opposite side of the table.

“I know you’re lying,” Enya said. “Kelnozz. I know that’s not your name. Balasar already warned me you would be coming here and what you planned to do.” Kalannar knew that his decision to let Balasar gather supplies might not have been the best. “We’re not letting you succeed. Take him down!” The others in the room drew their weapons. “And you! Mage! I told you to activate the defenses before I came back! Get over there and activate them!”

Balasar attacked Enya instantly as Ruz moved around to flank her and swing his sword.Kalannar sent a Biting Swarm to the human mage in the back of the room. The mage retaliated with a Magic Missile but missed, hitting the wall instead. He then started to move toward the magic circle. Enya healed herself and ran back. One of the halflings attacked Balasar to protect Enya but Balasar’s armor deflected the blow. The second halfling jumped across table, slinging a bullet at Kalannar but also missing. Balasar swung his sword at the halfling who attacked him but missed. Ruz made a surprise slash to the same halfling and easily killed him. Kalannar, making it to the magic circle before the mage, tried to activate the defenses himself but failed. The mage was close, so he set up his Cloud of Darkness to keep the mage out. The mage bravely ran forward into the cloud and ran into Kalannar. He used his quarterstaff but, completely blind, Kalannar easily stepped out of the way. Enya moved through the door to at the back of the room. The remaining halfling used his sword against Balasar, but thanks to his upgraded armor, he was unharmed. Balasar struck back but the halfling took advantage of his small size to dodge the sword. Balasar struck again and made contact, killing the halfling. Kalannar once again failed to activate the defenses. The mage, able to see now, tried to activate the defenses, but Kalannar disrupted his concentration. Balasar and Ruz moved forward to help but Kalannar didn’t need it. He fired point-blank at the mage standing next to him twice. The first arrow struck him in the chest, the second in the forehead, killing him.

The room was clear and the defenses had never been activated. But Enya was still alive in the next room…



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