Devoted to Oblivion

Destruction of the Void Base

Kalannar and Waltom continued their mission in the Void base. Kalannar decided to move left into another room, where he and Waltom discovered a Halfling thief rummaging through the scattered paperwork on a table in the corner of the room. They backed out slowly and talked, deciding that it might be best to try to sneak in and catch him by surprise. They moved back in and Waltom, even in all his heavy armor, was able to move slowly enough to avoid the Halfling’s detection. Kalannar, however, took only a couple of steps inside before the small man turned around, ready to defend himelf.

Kalannar started by sending spider spirits toward the Halfling. Waltom aimed his crossbow, hoping to take advantage of the disoriented thief, but couldn’t quite hit. Kalannar created his cloud of darkness, but it didn’t help him and Waltom. They were protected, but it didn’t help them score any attacks. The thief began laughing at their attempts to make contact with him and began to back away, but Kalannar landed an arrow right in his ribs. The Halfling wasn’t laughing anymore. Waltom took another shot with his crossbow. The Halfling threw a dagger at Kalannar, catching him square in the chest. But the drow retaliated, sending one more arrow and taking down the thief.

After the battle, Kalannar noticed something not quite right about the room. Upon closer inspection, he noticed a hidden door behind the table where the Halfling was. He moved the table, pushed the wall in, then pushed the wall up. Behind the hidden door was a Distance Weapon and an iron idol of Asmodeus.

They moved on into another room which looked empty. Three statues stood in the center of the room and Kalannar decided to take a closer look at them. He walked up to the center statue and after a few seconds, it attacked, hitting Kalannar with a spiked fist. Waltom moved forward to defend Kalannar and dealt a serious blow with his axe, distracting the Stonefist Defender and letting Kalannar move away for a better shot. The statue turns and sends another spiked fist at Waltom, who strikes back with an attack powerful enough to make the Defender crumble into dust.

Moving into the last room, two Lesser Fire Elementals greeted the pair. Kalannar takes advantage of his ability to magically infuse his arrow with cold and continuously fires at the elementals. But no one is at the top of their game. Each person and creature constantly miss in their attacks, but the fire elementals eventually set both Waltom and Kalannar on fire. As one of the elementals moves past Waltom, he takes the opportunity to swing his battleaxe and destroy it. As the second elemental laughs at the pair, Kalannar takes aim and fires a powerful shot to eliminate it.

Waltom had set exploding potions in every room and there were no rooms left to explore. He and Kalannar made for the alley. After stepping through the doorway in the entrance, Waltom turned and hurled his last potion into the base. As he dove out of the brick wall, which closed itself behind him, Kalannar heard the satisfying sounds of explosions coming from the inside of the base. Waltom pulled him toward the street, where they stood to watch the exploding potions do their job. With a final, loud boom, the walls collapsed inward, down into a crater that had appeared thanks to the explosions underground.

Mission accomplished. The Void base has been destroyed.



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